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Welcome to Batticaloa - The Beauty of Batti is unknownDespite its Beauty, its luxuriant nature, its gorgeous landscapes, its welcoming people, its original culture, Batticaloa district is still nowadays a place to be discovered. Very little information is available on the net, and Batticaloa is sometimes not even mentioned in guide books. Finding a place to stay, getting information about the places of interest, being informed about the next events, etc. is usually a hard task for travellers eager to plan their trip by themselves.

The aim of this website is to provide you “All you need to know to enjoy your stay in Batticaloa District”. By creating this website, we hope to arouse the desire of potential visitors to come and experience the beauty of the district. In this way, we hope to support the tourism development in the district, so that local service providers have enough visitors to earn their living.


Documenting a website is a long task. We have tried to give minimum information about every topic. We welcome possible contributors who would like to share their knowledge and help in developing it further. If you would like to support us, please contact us at the following email: welcometobatticaloa (at) yahoo.com

You can also support the website by making it known to your contacts. Use your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. Send emails to your friends, etc. there are so many ways!


Rainbow Bridge - Languages & CulturesThis website has been originally created by Rainbow Bridge – Languages & Cultures.

Rainbow Bridge is a training institute, teaching languages and exploring cultures in Batticaloa district.

Our motto is : “Mastering Languages, Exploring Cultures, Creating Bridges for Mutual Understanding”. It means that when we teach a language, we also give an insight into foreign cultures. Whenever possible, we give our students exposure to interactions with foreigners. We value multiculturalism and cultural exchanges.

East N' West on Board

Since August 2013, the website is run by the same team, but under a newly formed company, East N’ West on Board, which is a registered travel agency.


Having their own website is not always an easy task for small guesthouses, restaurants, guides, etc. It can be rather costly and it needs technical skills to ensure the maintenance of the website. On welcometobatticaloa.com, you can get your own page created by our team, so that the information about your facility is available worldwide. The advantage of a collective website is that all relevant information is available in the same website, which makes it easy for the potential visitor to get all needed information at a glance. A well documented website can become a reference that will be visited a lot, and therefore an easy one to find with search engines. A collective website can therefore be more powerful than a series of individual websites.

Look at the sample page we designed for Nandawanam Guest House. The page includes the information about the facility (rooms, food, available facilities, location and contact details) as well as a slide show of pictures we have taken. The page has its own url address that can be communicated to your guests and friends. In this example, the url address is: www.welcometobatticaloa.com/nandawanam-guest-house/


The cost of having your own page on www.welcometobatticaloa.com is the following:

For restaurants, souvenir shops, small businesses, guides, van owners, etc., we will charge 1500 Rs for the design + 2000 Rs for 6 months. So totally, the amount you will have to pay for 6 months is 1500 + 2000 = 3500 Rs.

For hotels and guesthouses, we will charge 1500 Rs for the design + the rate of 1 night in a double A/C room of your hotel/guesthouse, for 6 months. Example: If your rate for a double A/C room is 2500 Rs per night, we will ask you to pay 1500 Rs + 2500 Rs = 4000 Rs for 6 months.

For other facilities such as transport companies, banks and others, please contact us for information about our rates.

With your contribution, we will keep the website updated and attractive, develop it further and make sure it becomes a well known reference for visitors.


These are the steps to have your page on the website:

– contact us

– fill the form we will give you with all the information you want to put on your page

– take an appointment for us to come and take pictures of your place

– come to our centre to validate the page and make the payment

– your page will be published right away!


65, Thiruchentoor Beach Road – Kallady – Batticaloa

Tel: +94 65 222 60 79

Mob: +94 72 561 59 80

Website: www.eastnwestonboard.com

Email: welcometobatticaloa (at) yahoo.com


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