Celebrating 100 000 pageviews…

Posted by on March 2, 2014

100 000 pageviews

Ladies and Gentlemen… Welcometobatticaloa.com website, created in August 2012, has passed the threshold of 100 000 pageviews on the 28th of February. Traffic is on the rise on the website, with the page “guesthouses and hotels” receiving about 1500 visitors per month. To celebrate the achievement, we are happy to announce the opening of a new page called “shopping”, where you will find links towards the shops in our district that can be of interest for visitors (souvenirs, clothes, handicraft, book shops, groceries, etc.). You’ll also find our new logo on the website and on our facebook page.

Shop owners, guesthouses managers, drivers, etc… what are you waiting to become visible??? For getting your page on the website, please call us at the following number: +94 65 222 60 79.