How to get there

At around 6 to 7 hours from Colombo by vehicle, Batticaloa is situated on the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka. There are many ways to travel up to here, depending on the level of comfort you expect and your available budget.


We have a fair network of vehicles, drivers and guides to drive you to and from Batticaloa district. Have a look at our page: Taxi Service in Batticaloa and Passikudah


There are daily trains between Colombo and Batticaloa. The journey takes 8 to 9 hours. The train stops in Valaichchenai, where you can get down to reach Passikudah and Kalkudah.

From Colombo to Batticaloa: you can take either the morning train at 6.10AM, or the night train at 7.15PM.

From Batticaloa to Colombo: you have the choice between the day train which starts at 7.15AM and the night train that leaves at 8.15PM.

The tickets have to be bought directly in the train station. You can also book tickets in advance from the railway station of your departure to get a “sleeperette”, i.e. an adjustable seat.

More information about the Sri Lankan Railways can be found on the following website: The train schedule can be checked on the following page:


Public Buses:

Public buses to reach Batticaloa from other main cities of Sri Lanka are gathered in the following chart:

From ... to BatticaloaTime of DepartureDuration of travel
Colombo7AM, 10.30AM, 2PM, 11PM + 6PM (bus to Kalmunai)Around 9 hours
Badulla6AM, 12PMAround 6 hours
Jaffna7AM, 8AMAround 9 hours
Kandy2.20PMAround 6 hours
Passikudah8AM, 10.15Am, 12.15PM, 2.15PM, 4.15PMAround 1 hour
Polonnaruwa8AMAround 3 hours
Pottuvil6AMAround 3.5 hours
Trincomalee6AM, 12PMAround 3 hours
Vavuniya7AM, 11AMAround 7 hours

Public buses starting from Batticaloa to other main cities of Sri Lanka are gathered in the following chart. Public buses start from the Main Bus Stand, situated on Munai street, Batticaloa. As time schedule for the public buses might change from time to time, you can call the Main Bus stand at the following number to get confirmation about your time of departure: + 94 65 222 57 23.

From Batticaloa to ...Time of departureDuration of travel
Colombo12PM, 1.15PM, 6PM, 7.30PMAround 9 hours
Badulla5AM + 6.45AM (bus to Panadura)Around 6 hours
Kandy5.15AMAround 6 hours
Jaffna4.30AM, 11.15AM, 5.30PMAround 9 hours
Passikudah6AM, 8.15AM, 10.15AM, 12.15PM, 2.15PM, 4.15PMAround 1 hour
Polonnaruwa3.15PMAround 3 hours
Pottuvil6.15AM, 10.15AM, 3.15PM, 3.30PMAround 3.5 hours
Trincomalee5AM, 6.15AM, 11.15AM, 1.15PMAround 3 hours
Vavuniya8.45AM + 4.30AM, 11.15AM, 5.30PM (buses to Jaffna)Around 7 hours

N.B.: Seats in buses to Jaffna and Colombo can be booked at the Main Bus Stand one day in advance. For other buses, come to the bus stand around 1 hour before the departure of your bus.