Hindu Temples

Most of Batticaloa district’s inhabitants are Hindus. Each and every town or village has at least one Hindu temple, if not more. Many different Hindu deities are represented and worshipped in these temples. Temples usually have 3 Pujas (religious ritual performed as an offering to various deities) per day (around 7AM, 12PM and 5PM). Every temple holds an annual festival, usually lasting 8 to 10 days. These festivals constitute a very important part of  people’s religious and cultural life.


Maamangam Hindu temple is very famous in Batticaloa. Thousands of pilgrims from all over Sri Lanka visit it during the festival which is held during 10 days in July. Out of the festival time, the temple and its beautiful surroundings are peaceful and can be visited.


It is possible for non Hindus to visit temples, as long as their conduct is culturally sensitive.

When visiting a Hindu temple, please wear an appropriate dress (cover your legs and shoulders, remove hats, sunglasses and shoes).    If you want to take pictures, seek permission beforehand, especially inside the temple.


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