Palmyrah Development Board Sales Center

Welcome to the Palmyrah Development Board. Have a look at the stunning handicraft items displayed in the sales center. Baskets, purses, boxes and hats, juice and food items, everything is locally produced from palmyrah trees. The right time to go for locally made souvenirs!


The Palmyrah Development Board exists since 1978 and is in charge of promoting Palmyrah trees cultivation and manufacturing of Palmyrah products. It organizes 6-month training in villages to train villagers on how to make Palmyrah handicraft. Once the training is over, people can start producing and earn a living out of this activity. The Palmyrah Development Board has 11 trainers, and therefore trains people in villages on a rotating basis. Currently, the villages where people are given training are Mylambavely, Mandoor, Thalankudah, Puthukudyruppu, Punnaicholai, Sathrukkondan, Kokkuvil, Thuraimadu, Urani, Vattavan, Kalmadu, Kathiravely and Vaharai (in September 2012). It has 2 sales centers: one in Palameenmadu, one in Batticaloa’s market (named Katpaham). Visitors willing to see a village training center in activity can contact Mr. T. Vijayan, coordinator, to seek permission.


Sales of handicraft items, mainly made out of Palmyrah trees. Few other type of locally made products are also available (fruit cordial, hair oil, etc.).


The Palmyrah Development Board + Sales Center is located just opposite Batticaloa’s lighthouse in Palameenmadu. It is around 5 km from Batticaloa city, on Bar Road. You can access to it by taking Lake Road (also called Munich Vittoria Friendship Road) near Kallady Bridge and proceeding along Sinna Uppodai Lagoon for around 4 km. It is a very nice area for cycling or walking.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30AM to 4.30PM – Saturday:8.30 to 1.00PM.

Location on the mapPalmyrah Development Board Market(in Batticaloa’s market)   & Palmyrah Development Board Lighthouse(near Batticaloa’s lighthouse)

Palmyrah Development Board, Bar Road, Palameenmadu, Batticaloa. Tel: +94 65 222 31 79.

Contact Person: Mr T. Vijayan, coordinator.

Nearby places: Batticaloa’s LighthouseBatticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and EcoparkBatti Lagoon ParkSinna Uppodai Lagoon.

N.B: A second sales center is situated in Batticaloa’s Market in Koddamunai area.