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Celebrating 100 000 pageviews…

100 000 pageviews

Ladies and Gentlemen… website, created in August 2012, has passed the threshold of 100 000 pageviews on the 28th of February. Traffic is on the rise on the website, with the page “guesthouses and hotels” receiving about 1500 visitors per month. To celebrate the achievement, we are happy to announce the opening of a new page called “shopping”, where you will find links towards the shops in our district that can be of interest for visitors (souvenirs, clothes, handicraft, book shops, groceries, etc.). You’ll also find our new logo on the website and on our facebook page.

Shop owners, guesthouses managers, drivers, etc… what are you waiting to become visible??? For getting your page on the website, please call us at the following number: +94 65 222 60 79.

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Periyathambiran Temple Festival

Periyathambiran temple, situated in Batticaloa, near Arasady round-about, has held its annual festival for the last five days. Today was the last day. Here are a few photos for those who missed it! Performance of dance, drama, poems and music have kept alive the vibrant Hindu tradition…

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Live at the Mega Carnival !!!

A few photos for those who have not yet visited the Mega Carnival at Hindu College Grounds in Batticaloa. Don’t be late… only 2 days more. Mr Magic, Shasikala Circus, Rainbow Bridge’s drawing workshop, merry-go-rounds and musical/dancing program every night!

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An entertaining Sunday at the Mega Carnival

An entertaining Sunday at the Mega Carnival, organized by Lacsdo Media Network and sponsored by Varnam TV. It is on Hindu College Grounds in Batticaloa, and you have 4 more evenings to enjoy the experience… Mr Magic’s show, Shasikala Circus, clowns, music show, etc. are expecting your visit!

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Mega Carnival in Batticaloa – Day 1

It’s Sunday! Why not offering to your kids a bit of entertainment? Studying 7 days per week is too much! Let them enjoy at Batticaloa’s Mega Carnival.  Organized by Lacsdo Media network, sponsored by Varnam TV, the carnival is held on Hindu College grounds, Trinco Road in Batticaloa, from 8th to 13th of June, 3pm to midnight. Here are a few photos of what is happening there…

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4 digits needed for Welcometobatticaloa’s monthly visitors!

We are happy to announce that we now need 4 digits to count the monthly visitors on

The number of visitors has passed the threshold of 1000 per month, with 1011 different visitors in April 2013, and 4275 pages views.

We take this opportunity to thank the very first  people who trusted us when we timidly started in August 2012 and who have now well visited pages on the website. Let’s keep it up together!

WTB Google Analytics Report April 2013


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Batticaloa: Natural Life and Charm – Part 3

On Batticaloa's MarketBeyond the spectacular scenery and the enthralling ethnic enclaves you will find the most extraordinary facet of Batticaloa, the people. Warm and benevolent, Batticalonians interact with international travelers through a pleasant blend of curiosity, kindness and respect.

Kachcheri SignBasic English is comprehended by a multitude allowing for any number of short congenial conversations (most signs are in English, too, making it a breeze to get around town).

Man on the marketThe practices of begging and haggling have yet to take hold in the city making the exchanges lighthearted and enjoyable. Moreover, as eager as they are to speak with foreigners, the people do not approach guests in an overabundant or rude manner. They sense the right moment to extend a cordial “Hello! Where are you going?” and also know when the conversation has run its course.

Handloom shopWhy are Batticalonians like this? It is no doubt a combination of their good-nature and the fact that they have never seen westerners in person barring the NGO folk who flooded in after the tsunami and have since long gone.

Street VendorRegardless, the “street hospitality” makes wandering around town both comfortable and exciting. Take advantage of this by visiting the local market and through people watching.

Bench in Batti townFor the latter, I recommend a park bench alongside the lagoon on Customs Road.

Dutch FortThe early 17th century Dutch Fort is a must for history buffs and is also among the best locations to photograph Batticaloa’s signature Kallady Bridge.

A hot spot for male teens and young adults is the cinema. If you have never witnessed a Tamil film, Batti is a fine place to do so. Just be sure to check in advance if the weekly feature has English subtitles.

FishermenStill, the magic of Batticaloa is its authenticity. At a time when globalization is evolving at a rapid pace replacing local traditions and heritage with an interconnected web of common practices and amenities, this corner of the world remains pure like the source of a fresh spring.Sinna Uppodai

You would be wise to come now while the city retains its naturally beauty, cultural wonderment and social generosity. I’ll be back.Railway station

Frank Justice

This article was written by Frank Justice, a guest teacher in Village Empowerment Academy in 2012. 1st part of his article and 2nd part of this article are already online.

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Enjoy Batticaloa’s spring days at the Fun and Entertainment Exhibition

Kids are on holidays. Time to relax after the term exams…

Offer your family an unforgettable day by visiting the Fun and Entertainment Exhibition organized by Bright Light.

Games, ice cream shops, drawing activity will keep the small ones busy and joyful.

Old stamps, coins, foreign notes, Batticaloa’s postcards and antiques will be displayed for the pleasure of the collectors.

Different shops will propose their products and some artists will be around to perform…

Date: 12 to 16th of April 2013, from 10AM to 10 PM
Location: Hindu College Ground, Trinco Road, Batticaloa
Entrance Fees: 20Rs

For additional information, contact Jobu: 0779028819

Bright Light is a local NGO created in December 2012 to support underprivileged children living in villages of Batticaloa district. Bright Light provides notebooks, pens, school bags, etc. to children to avoid school drop outs for financial reasons.

Spring Fair!

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Photos of the Ongoing Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition and Trade Fair

Kaviya’s Trade Exhibition and Trade is ongoing in Batticaloa on Hindu College Ground. You have up to 8pm today to come and discover the skills of our women entrepreneurs. Handloom, batiks, clay items, food, palmyrah products, postcards, … what about shopping here for New Year?

Kaviya – Self Development Women Centre is an organization whose aim is to empower women societies under the poverty line, through socioeconomic, cultural, educational and gender developments. Their activities include building self-confidence, providing trainings and guiding women in becoming women entrepreneurs. Kaviya works with around 4000 women in the district and has programs in 4 DS divisions of Batticaloa district (Manmunai North, Manmunai West, Eravur Pattu and Koralaipattu Central).


Check the photos! (Photos by Charls)






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