Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and Ecopark

Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre is a perfect place to learn about the lagoon ecosystem. A resource centre as well as an ideally located spot to observe the estuary, the centre shelters an exhibition of local artists’ wall paintings and displays some information about the environment. Once you are done with the centre, take a boat to cross to the Ecopark. Enjoy the natural beauty of the environment, climb the bird viewing tower to observe local birds and animals, proceed to the beach… Take your time, you are on holiday!


In the Batticaloa Lagoon environmental Learning Centre: library, auditorium, wall paintings, display of information on the lagoon ecosystem, lagoon viewing hall, souvenir shop, etc.

In the Ecopark: children park, animal statues, picnic hut, resting shelters, bird viewing tower, volleyball field, access to the beach.

In the same area: Children park, Boat rides organized by the Palameenmadu Sports Club, Bathing area, Lighthouse, Palmyrah Development Board Sales Center, etc.


Location on the mapBatticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and Ecopark

The Resource centre is situated in Palameenmadu, just opposite Batticaloa’s Lighthouse. It is around 5 km from Batticaloa city, on Bar Road. You can access to it by taking Lake Road (also called Munich Vittoria Friendship Road) near Kallady Bridge and proceeding along Sinna Uppodai Lagoon for around 4 km. It is a very nice area for cycling or walking.

Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and Ecopark, Bar Road, Palameenmadu, Batticaloa. Tel: +94 65 306 46 46. 

Nearby places: Batticaloa’s Lighthouse, Palmyrah Development BoardBatti Lagoon Park, Sinna Uppodai Lagoon.