Sri Mangalarama Buddhist Temple

Sri Mangalarama Rajamaha Viharaya is the only Buddhist Temple in Batticaloa district. Heavily damaged by a bombing during the ethnic conflict, it has been rebuilt later on. It includes several buildings and a stupa. It is open everyday, from 6AM to around 9PM. Pilgrims can be given shelter for the night. Donations from visitors and pilgrims are welcome to maintain and improve the temple premises.


The temple is situated on Pansala road, close to Batticaloa’s police station.

Location on the mapBuddhist Temple

Person in charge of the temple: Rev. Ampitiye Sumanarathana thero

Sri Mangalarama Rajamaha Viharaya, Pansala Road, Batticaloa. Tel: +94 65 222 21 04.


Facebook: Sri Mangalaramaya Batticaloa

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