Batticaloa’s Lighthouse

Batticaloa’s Lighthouse, situated near the estuary in Palameenmadu, was built in 1913. It is 28 meters high. Thanks to a series of ladders, it is possible to reach the top of the lighthouse to get a breathtaking view of the gorgeous surroundings. Estuary, Beach, Ecopark, Lagoon and Islands, get yourself lost in wonderful nuances of Blue and Green!


Location on the mapBatticaloa's Lighthouse

Batticaloa’s lighthouse is around 5 km from Batticaloa city, on Bar Road. You can access to it by taking Lake Road (also called Munich Vittoria Friendship Road) near Kallady Bridge and proceeding along Sinna Uppodai Lagoon for around 4 km. It is a very nice area for cycling or walking.

Nearby places: Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and Ecopark, Palmyrah Development BoardBatti Lagoon ParkSinna Uppodai Lagoon