Book your stall for the Exhibition and Trade Fair in Batticaloa!

The Exhibition and Trade Fair 2013, organized by Kaviya and sponsored by I.L.O. will take place on Hindu College Grounds on 5th, 6th and 7th of April 2013. This exhibition will display lots of local products and handicraft in 100 stalls. 50 additional stalls are available for companies, banks, insurance and private institutions. Any person or company interested to book a stall can contact Mrs Ajithkumar, in Kaviya, 96/5 Glennie Lane, Batticaloa. Tel: 065 222 75 28 – 065 491 13 72 – email:

 Kaviya's products

Kaviya – Self Development Women Centre is an organization whose aim is to empower women societies under the poverty line, through socioeconomic, cultural, educational and gender developments. Their activities include building self-confidence, providing trainings and guiding women in becoming women entrepreneurs. Kaviya works with around 4000 women in the district and has programs in 4 DS divisions of Batticaloa district (Manmunai North, Manmunai West, Eravur Pattu and Koralaipattu Central). 

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Batticaloa: Natural Life and Charm – Part 2

Most of the Sri Lankans that one comes into contact with in the western and southern regions of the country are Sinhalese. They speak Sinhala and are likely Buddhist. This is not the case in Batticaloa.

Hindu Temple in Batticaloa districtInstead, you will find a smorgasbord of ethnicities and faiths where Tamil is the dominant language.

From Tamils and Moors to Sinhalese and Burghers – and from Hindus and Muslims to Christians and Buddhists – Batticaloa has much to offer in the areas of cultural exploration and understanding.


Mosque in BatticaloaLocals are eager to speak with travelers about their background and beliefs as ethnic heritage and religion are the central components of their lives.

Book Fair in BatticaloaBatticalonians are also more than willing to extend invitations to the array of cultural and spiritual activities conducted throughout the city on a daily basis.

Photography exhibition in Cafe ChillArt/photography exhibitions and handicraft expositions are also commonplace.

Handicraft Fair in St Theresa's convent

Church in Koddamunai

In the short time that I spent in Batti, I had the chance to observe a special celebration of Burgher culture, attend the annual Roman Catholic craft fair and visit a number of temples, mosques and churches.Burghers' Day CelebrationHindu Temple in Batticaloa district

Nothing, however, topped the lunchtime puja. Donned in a sarong, I was provided with the opportunity to partake in the Hindu ceremony at a locally-renowned temple located only a few kilometers outside of Batticaloa.

Puja in a Hindu Temple in Batticaloa

My attendance surprised many of the worshipers unaccustomed to foreign guests given the lack of international travelers in the area. Still, I was welcomed by all and even presented with a special gift – a plate of food featuring a rice mixture and bananas among other items – by a temple staff member at the end of the service.


This article was written by Frank Justice, a guest teacher in Village Empowerment Academy in 2012. 1st part of his article is already online. 3rd part of his article will follow soon…

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Documentary film & Debate @ Rainbow Bridge!

March of the DespisedThe documentary film “THE MARCH OF THE DESPISED – The liberating force of non-violence” will be shown @ Rainbow Bridge on the 2nd of March in Batticaloa and on the 3rd of March in Valaichchenai. The projections will be followed by a discussion with one of the film directors, Louis Campana and our other French guests.


2nd of March 2013 at 2.30PM: Rainbow Bridge – 31 Lake Road, Sinna Uppodai – Batticaloa – Tel: +94 65 222 60 79

3rd of March 2013 at 10.00AM: Rainbow Bridge – Main Street  – Valaichchenai – Tel: +94 65 225 78 88

Entrance is free of charge. But our “hat” welcomes your kind contributions/donations which support our institute to organize regular cultural events.

The March of The Despised

Details about the film:

THE MARCH OF THE DESPISED – The liberating force of non-violence

A documentary by Louis Campana and Francois Verlet

Second of October 2007. 25,000 landless farmers come from all over India to gather at Gwalior for a march across the country. Their aim: the Parliament in New Delhi. Their objective: to get government land to live with dignity.This film relates their story.

Gandhi helped push India’s original colonisers out the door, but they’ve come back in through an open window…  Globalisation has created a world in which Indian peasants are burdened by debt, land expropriations and the cruel logic of the market.  Rural Indians are leaving their villages by the millions to seek work as street cleaners or to be exploited in factories in the slums of large, polluted cities.

But there is still hope for the poor of India.  25,000 of these downtrodden people have risen up and found a voice through the grassroots political movement Ekta Parishad.  Men, women, children, indigenous peoples, untouchables, the poor and their international supporters have joined together in resistance to economic colonisation of rural areas.

Refusing to be bound by the strict laws of caste and karma, refusing to accept the proscribed roles for women, these people are all equal in their search for a new destiny.  They will march down one of the main Indian highways, crossing five states to vindicate their right to land and their right to live in dignity.

We followed this march – the excitement and anticipation of the first days, the festivals, the music, the tragedies, the exhaustion and the final climactic confrontation with the Indian authorities.  It was a deeply moving experience, which demonstrated to us the sheer force of people power and human agency.

There cannot be peace without justice.  In a country that is often the site of violent conflicts and terrorism, the marchers chose a path of non-violent struggle, walking in the footsteps of Gandhi.  In this march we witnessed the awesome power of non-violent resistance, clear proof that non-violence can liberate our societies from injustice.

Duration: 55mn – Produced by MEDIANE Productions (33) 6 63 30 89 52 – Email:

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Batticaloa: Natural Life and Charm – Part 1

Welcome to Batticaloa - Fisherman on Kallady BeachIn search of a truly authentic destination that fully demonstrates how life is lived in eastern Sri Lanka? If so, look no further than the “City of the Singing Fish.” Batticaloa has much to offer both the novice and worldly explorer interested in the vast cultural diversity of the island.

Frank in Village Empowerment Academy

Invited to serve as a guest teacher at the Village Empowerment Academy, I had the pleasure of spending three weeks in Batticaloa. What I found was an enchanting municipality rich in community and tradition. Perhaps, the best way to describe the city is through the tripartite of nature, culture and people.

Sinna Uppodai Lagoon - Welcome to BatticaloaSunrise on Kallady Beach - Welcome to BatticaloaThe ecological beauty of Batti, as the locals call it, is absolutely stunning. Lagoons abound and give way to mostly uninhabited beaches and the pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Palm and pine trees are scattered across the shoreline where the coconut tree is the most abundant. Although I am not much of a photographer, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the sea scenery.

Fishermen on Sinna Uppodai LagoonPlans to develop the area with a number of resorts and other buildings are in the works, but for now one can bask in the natural environment as it has been since the European colonists began developing the area centuries ago.

Fishermen at work - Welcome to BatticaloaI enjoyed relaxing with friends at Kallady and other sandy beaches with no one else around save the fishermen who went about their work as if we weren’t even there.

Coral on Kalkudah Beach - Welcome to BatticaloaDuring beach trips at home in the U.S., I have spent numerous early mornings watching the sunrise and searching for that one or two unbroken “prize” seashell with my family.

Welcome to Batticaloa - Our GemsIn Batti, the search isn’t any less fun, but it is much easier as the beaches contain a plentiful assortment of oceanic gems of all sizes. Birdwatchers and butterfly enthusiasts will also find the water world conducive to their hobbies. I will never forget the family of bald eagles that I watched sailing and swooping across the sky from my perch atop the Batticaloa lighthouse.

Batticaloa's lighthouse - Welcome to BatticaloaIndeed, the city’s most stunning scenery may best be viewed from the apex of the man-made structure, which will celebrate its centennial next year. To reach the viewing platform, you must climb a series of ladders and traverse through an area reminiscent of a vertical submarine.

View from Batticaloa's lighthouse - Weclome to BatticaloaIf you are up for the task, the climb is as fun as the 360 degree view is scenic.

This article was written by Frank Justice, a guest teacher in Village Empowerment Academy in 2012. 2nd and 3rd part of his article will follow soon…

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Painting and Sculpture Exhibition 2012 in Batticaloa!

Originally posted on November 27, 2012

V.G. Ramanan and G. Rinuja, 2 artists from Batticaloa district, will display their works in Batticaloa. 20 of their paintings and some different types of sculptures will be exhibited from November 29 to December 1 2012.

Painting & Sculpture Exhibition - V.G.Ramanan & G.Rinuja 2 - Welcome to BatticaloaPainting & Sculpture Exhibition - V.G.Ramanan & G.Rinuja 3 - Welcome to Batticaloa

Painting & Sculpture Exhibition - V.G.Ramanan & G.Rinuja 1 - Welcome to Batticaloa

Painting & Sculpture Exhibition - V.G.Ramanan & G.Rinuja 6 - Welcome to Batticaloa

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Exhibition Sales in St Theresa’s Convent in Batticaloa

Exhibition Sales in St Theresa's Convent 4 - Welcome to Batticaloa

Originally posted on November 25, 2012


The Senthamari Development Centre and the Sisters of St Theresa’s Convent cordially invite all of you for their annual exhibition & Christmas sales.

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The exhibition in Cafe Chill has started!

Originally posted on October 26, 2012

Just a few pix to remind all of you that the exhibition in Cafe Chill has started this morning.

Exhibition in Cafe Chill - Welcome to BatticaloaExhibition in Cafe Chill 2 - Welcome to Batticaloa

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Fund Raising Campaign for Valaichchenai Hospital in Australia

Originally posted on October 22, 2012

This is to announce a fundraising event organized by AuSLMAT to support Valaichchenai Base hospital. This event will take place in Wantirna (suburb of Melbourne), in Australia, on Friday 26th of October 2012, from 7.30PM onwards.
Address: Knox Tavern Knox Ozone 1 Capital City Boulevarde Wantirna South. $35 per person for dinner wine and beer. Confirmation of attendance is required by calling Chris Drieberg at the following number: 0411 737 303.

Valaichchenai Base Hospital - Welcome to Batticaloa

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Exhibition in Cafe Chill – 26th to 28th October 2012

Originally posted on October 20, 2012

If you have not yet discovered Cafe Chill, book your weekend to visit the exhibition that will be held there from the 26th to the 28th of October 2012, from 8AM to 9PM. Photography, Fine and Modern Art, Handmade Cards, Origami, Face Painting and Portrait Drawing are announced. Enjoy!

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Originally posted on October 19, 2012

The ceremony for the official launching of the website: was held yesterday in Hizbullah Cultural Hall, Kattankudy. The website, created by Mysoft-2U, will offer a directory of companies, shops, governmental offices, NGOs, services, etc. situated in the Eastern Province.It will also display advertisements and job vacancies in Tamil medium.

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