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Welcome to the land of singing fish“Welcome to the City of Singing Fish”, announces the archway… There are plenty of places of interest in Batticaloa district.

ENW - Batticaloa map with photos and Ministry supportHere are some of them that you might visit on your own, in this case, please come and collect your free map of Batticaloa at East N’ West on Board‘s office…

ENW - 3-in-1 tours logo transparentYou can also contact us to participate in an excursion, a guided bicycle ride, a meal in a family, a fishing class, etc that will not only give you an in-depth experience of our Nature, Culture and People but also generate one-day income for local families providing you these services. Choice is Yours, and whatever it is… Welcome to Batticaloa!


Batticaloa Gate - In Puliyanthivu - Welcome to BatticaloaPuliyanthivu is the area in Batticaloa where you will find many governmental offices and services (public library, main post office, municipal council, etc.) as well as numerous historical places (Batticaloa gate, St Michael’s college, Vincent Girls High School, St Mary’s Cathedral, Weber Stadium, Jami-Us-Salam Jummah Masjid, etc.). Don’t miss the Old Dutch Fort which was built in the 17th century and is currently occupied by the offices of the District Secretary.

Batticaloa Railway Station - In Koddamunai - Welcome to BatticaloaKoddamunai is the area in Batticaloa where you can find most of the banks and ATM and the railway station. Both Puliyanthivu and Koddamunai are good places for shopping sessions. You might also like to visit Batticaloa’s market as well as the governmental handloom & handicraft sales centre to buy wonderful souvenirs of Batti.

Batticaloa's Market - Welcome to BatticaloaThere are many religious edifices of all faiths in town, Hindu temples, Churches, Mosques and a Buddhist temple.


DSC_0002With its flat roads, its long stretches of sandy beaches and its kilometers of tranquil lanes along our enchanting lagoon, Batticaloa is an ideal place to cycle around.  Therefore, you’d better not miss the opportunity to do so once you are in Batticaloa.

East N’ West on Board organizes bicycle rental and guided bicycle rides in and around Batticaloa. DSC_0372Just drop in to get your bicycle and a free map of Batticaloa, as well as a few tips on how-to-spend-a-lovely-day-cycling-around! Take a guide and go off-the-beaten-track for an unforgettable ride in our unbelievable Batticaloa…


Batticaloa's Lagoon - Welcome to BatticaloaOne of the most remarkable richnesses of Batticaloa district is of course its 3 lagoons. Batticaloa lagoon is the largest one, more than 50 km long. It opens to the sea in Palameenmadu (near Batticaloa’s Lighthouse) and in Kallar (further south). Life in and around the lagoon is full of discoveries. Wildlife, nature, breeze, boats, fishermen, birds… Spend time on or around the lagoons to understand and enjoy its special life.

Sinna Uppodai Lagoon - Welcome to BatticaloaA bicycle ride along Sinna Uppodai Lagoon is definitely a must for nature lovers. Learn more about the lagoon’s ecosystem by visiting Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre and Ecopark. You can rent different types of boats in Batti Lagoon Park to move on the gorgeous Sinna Uppodai Lagoon and visit its islands for bird watching sessions.

You can also go for a fishing class with the local fishermen, a great experience! IMG_7081 (2)

Batticaloa's Lighthouse - Welcome to BatticaloaThe top of Batticaloa’s Lighthouse offers an amazing observation spot on the surrounding lagoon and estuary. Stroll around Kallady bridge on full moon nights to hear the singing fish… but don’t forget to be on the lagoon edge at sunset…


Kallady Beach - Welcome to BatticaloaBatticaloa district is bordered on its East side by the Indian Ocean, and is therefore an ideal place for sea lovers, endowed with around 120 kilometers of sandy beaches and numerous fishing villages. Just out of Batticaloa, enjoy a nice and long walk on the famous and unspoilt Kallady beach.

Sunrise in Passikudah - Welcome to BatticaloaThe most famous beaches in the district are definitely Passikudah and Kalkudah Beaches, thanks to  shallow waters and coral reefs that make them safe areas for bathing even for novice swimmers. But you can also be a bit adventurous and discover any beach around…

Please note that on most of the beaches, it is advisable for women to avoid bikini dress in order to respect the local cultural codes.  


Hindu Temples - Welcome to BatticaloaReligion is generally a very important feature in Sri Lankan people’s life. You can find many religious buildings of all faiths in the district. It is generally possible to visit Hindu Temples Sri Mangalarama Buddhist Temple - Welcome to Batticaloaand Batticaloa town’s Buddhist Temple as long as you are culturally sensitive and adopt an appropriate dress code (cover your legs and shoulders, remove hats, sunglasses and shoes). There are also numerous churches, including St Mary’s Cathedral in Batticaloa town, St Theresa’s Church in Valaichchenai or Our Lady of Good Health in Passikudah.

St Mary's Cathedral - Historical Places - Welcome to BatticaloaHindu temples festivals, Church feasts and Muslim celebrations constitute an very important part of  people’s religious and cultural life in the District. Let East N’ West on Board guide you in the cultural and religious diversity of the local communities by booking our “Historic Batticaloa” tour…DSC_0753


Jami-Us-Salam Jummah Masjid - Welcome to BatticaloaThere are numerous historical buildings in Batticaloa town, especially in Puliyanthivu area (Batticaloa gate, St Michael’s college, Vincent Girls High School, St Mary’s Cathedral, Weber Stadium, Jami-Us-Salam Jummah Masjid, etc.).

The Old Dutch Fort - Welcome to BatticaloaA visit to the Old Dutch Fort, built in 1628 by the Portuguese and captured 10 years later by the Dutch will delight the historical places’ lovers.

Our Lady of Presentation Church - Welcome to BatticaloaKoddamunai shelters some famous statues, churches, Hindu Temples and a Buddhist Temple. Book a guided historic tour bringing you to Batticaloa, Kattankudy, Navalady, throughout 450 years of history and the vestiges of 3 colonial powers.


Shopping area in Puliyanthivu - Welcome to BatticaloaLarge shopping areas include Puliyanthivu and Koddamunai in Batticaloa town, Kattankudy (6km south from Batticaloa), as well as Eravur (15km north from Batticaloa), Valaichchenai and Oddamavadi’s markets (35km north from Batticaloa) and so on. Discover local products and food by visiting Batticaloa’s market.

Handloom & Handicraft Sales Center - Welcome to Batticaloa

Find wonderful gifts for your beloved ones by visiting the Handloom & Handicraft sales centre and the Palmyrah Development Board Sales Centres

DSC_0415Find selected handicraft and handloom items, locally made and easy to take away, in East N’ West on Board‘s tiny outlet, as well as postcards of the district.


Passikudah Beach - Welcome to Batticaloa

Passikudah and Kalkudah Beaches are perfect spots for bathing, safe swimming and snorkelling. Good swimmers can practice their hobby on any beach and especially on the gorgeous Kallady beach (depending on the condition of the sea).

Batti Lagoon Park - Welcome to BatticaloaBoat rides on the lagoon (Engine boats, Kayak, Paddle boats, Swan boats) are organized by Batti Lagoon Park and around Batticaloa’s Lighthouse. Sail Lanka Charter offers half-day sailing trips, in and around Passikudah Bay. East N’ West on Board organizes snorkelling sessions with local boat men, who bring you near the IMG_7028 (2)coral reef, as well as fishing classes on the lagoon, to learn the art of traditional fishing from its expert practitioners!

You can also give a hand to the fishermen to pull the net out of the sea at any beach. Diving sessions, especially to the world famous British Air Craft Carrier HMS Hermes’ wreck, can be organized by Deep Sea Resort. Please respect our coral reefs when snorkelling.


IMG_7239 (2)For a whole week or just for a meal, enjoy the Eastern Hospitality by being hosted by a local family. If you are keen of understanding the local cultures, staying in a homestay or having your meal with a local family is definitely a way of discovering a way of life, a perfect opportunity to interact with a local family.

DSC_1737 (2)Drinking tea under the tree, tasting amazing local food, or going to the local temple festival with your hosts… this is what East N’ West on Board proposes you in its “Homestay, Sweet Homestay” network


DSC_1443Batticaloa is sometimes only promoted for the quality of its beaches. This is wrong! Of course we have awesome beaches, but have you ever considered leaving the seashore to explore our inland villages? Luxuriant paddy fields, untamed wildlife, secret ponds, mighty rocks, cultivation areas… are just part of the experience. Be welcomed by the villagers, share a moment of their life, enjoy a village lunch and get to know their livelihood… This is what a village tour with East N’ West on Board is!

DSC_1468Batticaloa district is a gorgeous natural place. Coconut trees, palm trees, margosa trees, paddy fields, lagoons, beaches and rivers offer an infinite palette of green and blue nuances. Abundance of flowers adds a colorful touch to the picturesque scenes.

Peaceful Buffaloes Grazing - Welcome to Batticaloa

In villages, many varieties of birds and animals can be observed, proud peacocks, relaxed buffaloes taking mud baths, goats and cows taking control of the roads, crocodiles hiding in the water, silver fish jumping happily out of the lagoon, woodpeckers at work, etc.

Lagoon Fishermen at work - Welcome to BatticaloaThe main livelihood of the people outside of towns is farming and fishing. Paddy fields occupy a vast area of the countryside.


Bone Island - Welcome to BatticaloaBatticaloa district is home to many species of birds, as the main lagoon extends on more than 50 km. Some of the islands are famous for bird watching, such as Bone island (accessible by boat from Batti Lagoon Park and Batticaloa’s Lighthouse area),
Buffalo island and Manthivu island (accessible by a jetty near the airport in Puthur).

Migrating Birds over the Lagoon - Welcome to Batticaloa

The Ecopark in Palameenmadu has a bird viewing tower. A few kilometres away from Batticaloa town,

DSC_0800 (2)Sathrukondan area is also known to be a bird sanctuary. Visiting Sathrukondan sanctuary is part of the “Towards Mylambaveli” tour organized by East N’ West on Board.


DSC_0202Unnichchai tank is situated at around 30km from Batti, inland. It is a very large water tank providing water to many households in the district. The landscape is very beautiful. You might be able to observe many colourful birds on the way, as well as peaceful grazing buffaloes, or even elephants. Be aware that outside of the Elephant orphanage, elephants are wild animals. If you happen to see an elephant on your way, do not try to approach it, especially if it is alone. 



Palmyrah Handicraft - Welcome to BatticaloaOriginal palmyrah products can be found in 2 Palmyrah Development Board Sales Centres, in Palameenmadu (near Batticaloa’s Lighthouse) and in Batticaloa’s Market.

Wonderful handloom products are available at the governmental Handloom & Handicraft sales centre.  Handloom Shop (Department of Industries) 10 - Visits & Activities - Welcome to Batticaloa

 East N’ West on Board has also a small outlet selling a selection of high quality handloom and palmyrah products, as well as cushion covers, mats and postcards, easy to bring back home.



On your way to/from Batticaloa district


At a distance of around 60km from Batticaloa, on Badulla road, you can enjoy the hot spring of Maha Oya. It is a well known attraction with hot wells at different temperatures. Around an hour drive from Batticaloa.


There is no need to introduce the world famous surfing spot of Arugam Bay. It is only 2 hours’ drive from Batticaloa towards the South.


Polonnaruwa is accessible by train from Batticaloa in 2 hours. You can visit the preserved ruins of this famous ancient city built in the 12th century by the sovereigns Parakramabahu I and Nissamkamalla. You can admire giant rock sculptures of Buddhas, stupas, wall paintings, etc.


The seaside rehabilitated road places Trincomalee at only 140 km and a bit more than 2 hours’ drive from Batticaloa. Whale watching can be organized by different holiday resorts.